10 Powerful Personal Branding Strategies Infographic

Recently Nat and I collaborated with IBM and their design team to create an Infographic with 10 Powerful Personal Branding Strategies.

These strategies are the difference between looking like an amateur and a pro.  They can mean the difference between getting hired for a job, or passed over for someone else with a stronger brand.

Apply these strategies to your brand and enjoy the boost in influence they will bring! 🙂

1. Buy a Domain That Matches Your Name (YourName.com)

If the .com version is taken you can add a hyphen, or include your middle initial or name.

Alternatively you can go with a .net, .org, .marketing, or one of the many different domain suffixes now available.

2. Hire a Photographer and Have a Professional Profile Picture Taken

Professional photographer Thomas Hawk says he typically only likes about one photo for every ten he takes.

Have your photographer take 100+ photos of you and you should end up with at least 5-10 you really like.

3. Secure Custom Usernames For Your Name on all Major Social Media Sites

Use the free service Knowem.com to discover which social networks you can claim your name on.

4. Write Down 5 Words That Best Describe You and The Value You Deliver

Brain storming about the words that best describe you will help you articulate the brand statements you make across your profiles.

5. Make Sure Your Customer Social Media Branding Designs Are Properly Sized

Few things say “amateur” like a distorted cover photo that looks out of place.

To ensure that this branding fail is avoided work with a designer to ensure your design is captivating.

Consult this design infographic to ensure all of your social media image sizes are correct: http://profilejetpack.com/sizes

6.Google Yourself

Googling yourself enables you to identify how many spots on page one of Google are controlled by you.

Optimizing your personal brand on Google is one of the most powerful personal branding strategies there is.

If less than every spot on page one is yours there is optimization to be done.

Five of the most common sites that end up on page one of Google for personal brands include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube

Make sure you have a completed and optimized profile on each of these social media sites for the best chance at an easy way to end up on page one of Google with your name.

7. Create a Personally Branded Email

One of the strongest personal branding strategies you can use is to have a personally branded email address.

Using an email address with the format You@YourName.com is a very professional way to go.

Getting a custom email within Gmail is possible with G Suite by Google.  There is a small fee associated with this but it can easily more than pay for itself with the opportunities it helps you create.

8. Avoid Describing Yourself in the Third Person

Using a third person perspective when describing yourself seems strange and ingenuine.

Using the first-person perspective instead seems far more believable and real.

Do you best to integrates your personality into your brand statements so you can maintain a genuine feel.

9. Strive For Clarity

“Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound to the crowd strive for obscurity.” -Nietzsche

Avoid using needlessly complex words and “techno jargon.”

Explain what do you do in words anyone can understand and more people will relate with you and want to connect with you.

10. Cross Promote Your Profiles

Cross promoting your social media profiles is a smart way to get more of your followers connecting with you on more networks.

On profiles like Facebook and Google+ there is room to link to as any of your profiles as are relevant to you, and indeed that is something I recommend you do.

The more networks people connect with you on the stronger your network will become.


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