28 Smart Ways To Build Your Personal Brand Infographic

28-Smart-Ways-To-Build-Your-Personal-BrandBuilding your personal brand is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your chances of personal and career success.

Here at Profile Jetpack we’re all about personal branding.  Since our first personal branding infographic with IBM was such a hit we decided to do it again.

This time we worked with Tara from VIVID Infographics to create the awesome Infographic you see below.  Working with Tara was truly fantastic so if you need an Infographic designed I highly recommend VIVID Infographics!

One of the smartest personal branding strategies you can apply is to optimize your personal brand on the major platforms where you are likely to connect with your ideal prospects.

The infographic below share some incredible insights to help you enhance your personal brand with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress and more!


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