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Show Me How To Create a Fantastic Personal Brand So I Can Realize Amazing Opportunities Through Social Media and Google...

"I'll Show You How To Easily Craft an Impressive Personal Brand That Will Create Plenty of Exciting New Opportunities and Take Your Personal Brand to The Next Level..."

From the Desk of Garin Kilpatrick

Barrie, Ontario (Down The Road From Toronto)

October 2017

Have you ever Googled yourself?

Because the next time someone is seriously considering you for an opportunity they likely will.

The next time you apply for a job, have a prospect who is considering becoming a client, or meet someone new - there is a very real chance they will Google your name and check out your personal brand...

Will you capture their imagination and make them want to work with you?

Or will your opportunity fall through and go to someone new.

An unfortunate reality is that many people do not even show up on page one in Google for their own name...

And your personal brand will never be true to you when it is defined by someone else.

That's why I created Profile Jetpack...

To help people like you take control of your online destiny...

Take over page one in Google for your name...

And realize the full power and potential of your personal brand.


Profile Jetpack is a Powerful Six Module Course Designed to Help Take Your Personal Brand to the Next Level!

  • You want to take control of your Personal Brand
  • You want to more easily sell your products and services
  • You have a boss you fantasize about quitting on
  • You want to develop a unique brand that makes you irreplaceable
  • You want to create new and exciting opportunities
  • You want a fast and easy shortcut to more respect and income

Here's What We Have For You:

Profile Jetpack is an interactive six module Personal Branding experience unlike anything else on the market today.

Module 1 - Brand You

  • Realize The Power of Your Personal Brand

    Your Personal Brand is the Most Powerful Way to Build Your Presence Online

    Realize Your Passion and Set Yourself Up to Love What You Do

    Action Steps to Help You Take Your Personal Brand to the Next Level!

Module 2 – Articulating Your Awesomeness

  • Reveal The Words That Solidify Your Strengths

    Discover How to Create a Truly Awesome Personal Brand

    Communicate the Traits That Make You Irreplaceable

    Position Yourself as an Influencer and Amplify Your Income Earning Ability

Module 3 – Brand Statement Blueprint

  • Optimizing The Statements That Highlight Your Brilliance

    Fantastic Ways to Phrase and Define Your Personal Brand Statement

    Communicating The Value You Deliver in a Compelling Way

    A Distillation of What You Do, Who You Do it For, and What Makes You Unique

Module 4 – Developing a Brilliant Brand

  • Developing a World Class Brand Everyone Can Understand

    How To Create a Spectacular Brand That Shines and Sets You Apart

    Discover Fantastic Design Strategies for All Major Social Platforms

    Realize Your Best Potential And Turbo Boost The Success of Your Personal Profiles!

Module 5 – Optimizing Your Profiles

  • Elite Social Media Growth Hacking

    Discover Our Top Tips for Developing Your Profiles on All Major Social Media Sites

    The Right Way to Interlink and Cross-Promote Your Profiles

    How To Use Powerful Automation Tools to Keep Your Social Media Profiles Consistently Compelling

Module 6 – Turbo Boosting Your Brand

  • Establishing Yourself as an Influencer

    How To Create a Compelling Facebook Profile

    Intelligent Ways To Develop an Influential LinkedIn Profile

    10 Totally Powerful Twitter Tips and Tools

The Stronger Your Personal Brand Becomes The Greater Your Personal Income Potential Will Be

Earn Extra Income With New Opportunities

  • Profile Jetpack Can Accelerate Your Income

    Create New Career Opportunities Like More Clients or a Better Job

    Get Profile Jetpack Super Affiliate Status and Earn 50% per Referral

    Unlimited Income Potential as a Profile Jetpack Affiliate

    An Optimized Personal Brand Can Help You Earn Thousands More Per Year and even MILLIONS of Dollars Over Your Life!

Strong Strategies for Selling Yourself

  • Reveal The Awesome Value of YOU

    Tools and Skills You Need to Know Your Value

    The Secrets of Selling Yourself Without Seeming Shady In Any Way

    Discover How Knowing Your ‘Why’ Creates Conditions to Buy

Your Personal Brand Will Become More Powerful Than Ever Before When You Join Profile Jetpack

  • Google Optimization of Your Personal Brand

    We’ll work with you to take control of your name in Google to make sure that you leave a powerful impression on every person who searches for your name in Google.

  • Personal Brand Training and Coaching

    Our six live training sessions will reveal the most powerful ways to optimize your personal brand through a personal WordPress website, plus LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook optimization.

  • Watch Videos Anytime in Our Members Area & Get Lifetime Updates

    All live training videos and additional training content we create will be included in our WordPress powered members area for you to enjoy anytime!

My Goal is To Help You Grow A Strong Personal Brand So You Can Turbo Boost Your Success

Watch the video below and discover all of the amazing value being offered!

A fantastic amount of value is being stacked: Make sure to watch the entire video to fully realize all of the awesome benefits of joining.


I'm here to help guide you through the course and support you with your career success.

My goal is to help you showcase your genius the right way so you can make the most of your working life.

You can build your personal brand in harmony with any business you are involved with...

Plus we'll show you how you can use your brand to set yourself up with even more exciting and profitable professional opportunities.

Inside Profile Jetpack you'll discover how to grow your audience and personal brand so you can realize the full potential of the most unique and important brand you'll ever have.

Profile Jetpack provides a path to develop the most important brand; the brand called "You." Don't "You" deserve to ride your brand to the moon?

Bryan Eisenberg
New York Times Best Selling Author
Billee Howard

Profile Jetpack is a one stop shop for any entrepreneur looking to create a personal brand that dovetails with their business and desired growth trajectory. As storytelling continues to grow as a vital business competency, creating an ownable and shareable narrative will continue to emerge as a vital tool to drive distinction and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Billee Howard
CEO BRANDthropologie Media

Profile Jetpack provided me with the insight and motivation to see my brand in a new light.  The valuable feedback I received helped me realize the power of my brand.

Sandra Coyle
Coyle Communications

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